We're making a doc about Msgr. Ken Leone.

Msgr. Ken Leone has touched countless lives on the Front Range. We've all heard the stories, and now, with the blessing of Msgr. Ken and Archbishop Aquila, we're going to share them with the world.

Blackstone Films is creating a documentary about the life and priesthood of Msgr. Leone, and we need your help.

how it's going to work

The Process

Creating a documentary is a huge undertaking, often lasting years. Here's a sketch of how we're going to get it done.

Gather Stories

There are many. We'll be collecting them from now until the end of 2022.

Set a Scope

Once we've gathered stories, we'll decide which ones to tell and how long the doc will be.


We've already received a $25,000 seed gift. The total amount we will need will depend on the length of the documentary.

Make the Doc

We interviewed Msgr. Ken back in August and captured some incredible stories. We'll film the rest in 2023 and release by the end of the year.

we can't do it alone

How You Can Help

1. Pray

Pray for the project, and that the witness of Msgr. Leone's priesthood will touch many hearts.

2. Share a Story

Has Msgr. Leone impacted your life? We want to hear about it. Send us an email or leave a voicemail at 323.‭641.3373‬.

3. Submit Photos

We're going to need lots of photos and videos of Msgr. Ken. You can email us or upload your photos and videos directly.

4. Stay Up To Date

Join our e-list to stay up to date on the project. (We promise not to spam you.)

5. Give

Please consider making a seed gift in anticipation of the fundraiser launching in early 2023.

6. Share

Share this page with anyone you know whose life has been touched by Msgr. Ken.

Work With Us

We are proud to collaborate with visionary organizations who share our passion for truth. To partner with Blackstone Films on your next project, please contact us.