Blackstone Films

Blackstone Films is a Catholic film production company based in Los Angeles. Our work has been seen by millions, our clients span across the globe, and our impact is unmistakeable. We are a team of visionaries united by the desire to craft cinematic experiences possessing the power to inspire change. We stand at the intersection of passion and art.

What We Do

Blackstone Films specializes in the creation of emotionally captivating cinematic experiences; films that don’t just make you think, but make you feel. We choose to collaborate exclusively with visionary Catholic organizations who share our passion for the true, the good, and the beautiful, embarking solely upon productions that inspire.


Our mission is to honor and glorify God by unveiling the true, the good, and the beautiful through the effective use of rousing and uplifting cinema.

passion meets art

"No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight of the soul." - Ingmar Bergman

We are passionate about our Catholic Faith; in it we see the fullness of truth, goodness, and beauty.

We also are students of art; in it we see the potential to uplift and revive the human spirit.

We believe that by uniting our passion for our Faith with the highest form of art, film, we can ignite a burning and uncontainable fire possessing the power to change the world.

This is the moment when passion meets art.
This is Blackstone Films.


  • John-Andrew O'Rourke


    director, founder

    An avid and (sometimes) overly-zealous sports fan, John-Andrew once shattered a light bulb with his bare hands while cheering for the USMNT.

    Michael Oliveros



    When he's not crafting beautiful images, you can probably find Mike watching a Christopher Nolan film. Or quoting one. Or many.

    Michael O'Rourke


    senior business consultant

    The old man of the crew, Michael makes sure that the business side of the operation runs smoothly. He is also John-Andrew's old man.

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Los Angeles, CA